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Unleash the power of email marketing by sending compelling messages to your customers.


Copy and Content for Newsletters

Our email content is designed to transform your newsletters into highly effective sales channels.

Do you possess an email address database and wish to send commercial information to your clients? Avoid squandering your funds on inexpensive advertising!

Offer your recipients a steady stream of valuable content related to your company to foster relationships and enhance business outcomes.

Order texts for the newsletter

What sets our offer apart?

Texts for the newsletter

Creative approach

Capture your audience’s interest.

Reliable information

Deliver top-notch email content.

Personalized approach

Utilize original content.

Content for foreign markets

Newsletter content available in 50+ languages

We provide content for mailings in the following languages:







When is it a good time to place an order?


Utilize expertly crafted content to maximize the potential of your mailing list.

Relevant texts:

  • Capture your customers’ attention
  • Enhance the Open Rate
  • Encourage recipients to seize your offer

Well-crafted email messages can greatly impact the effectiveness of your newsletter.

Newsletter - benefits

Image building

Demonstrate to recipients that your company is an authority in the field.

Improved conversions

Expand your audience and increase your visibility.

Boost sales

Showcase your expertise and expose your amazing offer to a wider audience.

Image building

Share compelling content with your customers to pique their interest and establish your expertise in your industry.

Crafting professional newsletters fosters trust, nurtures relationships, and, most importantly, creates new avenues for your company to promote your offerings on a broader scale.

Emphasize a long-term email marketing strategy for organic business promotion. With email marketing, you can sustain high recipient engagement over time.

Higher conversion rates

Compelling emails get noticed and keep readers engaged for effective communication.

Captivating content boosts message readership. The battle for recipients’ attention starts with the newsletter’s title.

Elevated open rates indicate customer interest in your email content, boosting product promotion and customer acquisition.

Increased sales

Email marketing stands out as one of the most potent tools for driving sales and revenue growth, making it a pivotal strategy for businesses.

Your message recipients are usually familiar with and trust your brand, making advertising particularly effective within this target audience.

To ensure effectiveness, it’s crucial to employ professional newsletter content that persuades potential customers to make a purchase of your product or service.

Diverse copywriting

Copy and content for newsletters – a list of industries

We provide tailored content for newsletters across a wide range of industries, including







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Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

What is included in the text for the newsletter?

Within this service, we produce custom email content for your specific request.

It includes built-in links to selected products or services at no extra cost.

What is the length of newsletter texts?

When ordering, we provide five options for text length:

  • 100 words
  • 200 words
  • 300 words
  • 400 words
  • 500 words

How much does the content for newsletter cost?

The pricing for different text lengths is as follows:

  • 100 words: pkr 2000 net amount
  • 200 words: pkr 3000 net amount
  • 300 words: pkr4000 net amount
  • 400 words: pkr 5000 net amount
  • 500 words: pkr 6000 net amount

For prices of other services, please refer to the copywriting pricing section.

Where do you provide your services?

The Content Writer agency offers services across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and various other cities.

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We needed professional help in writing specialized medical texts. Even the most demanding topics were handled very well by the Content Writer agency. Scientific papers were written on the basis of a properly selected bibliography. An additional big plus for short deadlines and keeping agreements. We will be happy to continue our cooperation!


We are very pleased with the constant cooperation with Content Writer. The agency adapts well to our expectations and has carefully selected an author suitable for our industry (Internet and telecommunications). The texts are always delivered on time, and there are never any problems with the implementation of any corrections and fine-tuning of the texts.


We recommend the services of the Content Writer agency in the field of creating professional content in English. We ordered SEO and social media texts in this language and we were 100% satisfied with them each time. The cooperation is hassle-free and the customer service is fast and friendly. The products from our company’s offer have been described reliably and substantively, and the texts did not require any changes.

Smoke and Pork

We are a real estate agency serving the premium market, therefore we attach a very high importance to our content. We approached Content Writer with a demand for high-quality articles targeted at demanding customers. The provided content met our expectations, which is why we decided to cooperate with them on a permanent basis.

Vilea Property Boutique

Content Writer is the best choice for people interested in medical copywriting. Articles from this industry, which the agency prepares for us as part of permanent cooperation, are always reliable and devoid of factual errors, supported by solid research, and full of relevant information. You can feel the authentic commitment and medical knowledge of the writer in them.


As a large store with thousands of products on offer, we have a significant demand for content. We sometimes order even several hundred thousand characters a month. Content Writer is always up to the task and is able to deliver bulk amounts of content in a short time. We see the effects of this cooperation in the form of better positioning of our website on Google and more orders.

Meble Teo

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