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Ready to kickstart your career as a content writer? We’ll get you prepared for the job.

Our agency, the world’s largest content marketing corporation, operates in over 40 countries.

We’re here to teach you how to craft top-tier content, so get ready to elevate your skills!

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Content Writer course

Build your own portfolio

You will build a great portfolio during the course.

Get a personal certificate

You will receive a Content Writer certificate©.

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We hire the best writers from this course.

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Great news from the Academy! The price is now reduced to just Rs 999 per month!

Our learning experience is entirely remote and includes:

  • Access to our exclusive platform.
  • A comprehensive professional training program.
  • A year of study culminating in a valuable certificate.

Join the over 2,500 satisfied students who have already benefitted!

You will learn how to:

Create sales content

Optimize text for SEO

Write perfect articles

…and much much more!

Our corporation is:

The largest content marketing agency

With thousands of writers from over 40 countries.

The most popular writing brand in the world

With amazing 90,000+ followers on LinkedIn.

Certified training institution (no. ref. 2.30/00204/2022)

With over 2,500 satisfied students from the Academy.

Satisfied students

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My adventure with Content Writer started with student internships. From the beginning, the agency made a good impression on me. The subsequent stages of our cooperation only confirmed that this place allows novice copywriters to spread their wings and prove themselves in a variety of tasks. A friendly attitude to the employee, clear guidelines for each order and efficient communication make the texts a pleasure to create.

Agata Kalota

Working with Content Writer was definitely a very valuable experience. The practitioner carefully checked the written texts and gave valuable tips. Thanks to this, each subsequent content was on a higher and higher level. It is also worth adding that at the end of the internship, you receive a certificate, which is a direct document confirming the skills acquired during the internship.

Natalia Maciejek

Without leaving my home, I was able to professionally complete my copywriting practice, which opened the way for me to develop myself and my passion. I was getting quick feedback along with valuable tips for the future. Thanks to this, I was able to refine my writing technique and acquire new skills in a short time, and what is important to me – at convenient times.

Aleksandra Charlampowicz-Jablonska

I had dreamed of being a copywriter for a long time, but I lacked factual knowledge and skills. I was looking for various development opportunities and found Content Writer. During a few weeks of internship, I learned all the secrets of copywriting, I learned how to write so that others would like to read and buy. I gained valuable experience, and further cooperation helped me develop and train my writing skills.

Monika Kowalik

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